Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get On Your Boots

First trip to Boots! I have been trying to get in there all week. I love that place. It's usually my first stop, but apparently four-year-old boys (and their daddies) do not love this UK pharmacy as much as I do.

I even signed up for a Boots card, making me feel like a local. Plus! As a member I received the Boots Beauty magazine for FREE!!! A 1 pound value! Already making money. And the check-out clerk did a great job pretending to be interested in the fact that we can now buy some Boots products at Target. I'll totally be back to that location.

I also got some nail polish remover, nail polish, nail files with the Boots logo all over them, candy, lint brush, deluxe gift set of Soap and Glory lotions and potions leftover from Christmas (for half price!!), milk, tissues, rubbing alcohol which is called "surgical spirits" here, making it much more fun to use, surgical scissors, and antibiotic cream.

The last 3 items were purchased so that my sweet devoted husband could take out my stitches. I had a mole removed just in case about 4 days before we left town. Awesome timing, right? The same day he had his teeth cleaned. We are so on top of it.

Oh! And I forgot to say that I bought the magazine where Frosty gets her kit off to show what a woman in her forties really looks like. I read about it in the paper this morning. So very interested in that Primrose Hill set. Do they even live there any more?

Okay, anyway, tonight was our first dinner at a pub and we got a good look at Big Ben. I'll have a post totally devoted to what I ate this week in a couple days. TTFN!

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