Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What I Ate This Week

I had planned to write mini-reviews of all the neighborhood restaurants we've hit since we've arrived (5 total), and to do that every week. But then we realized that we were acting like we were on vacation and would be broke soon if we didn't start eating at home. And then we shopped Borough Market and I knew I wanted to report on all its wonders. So, here, eight days of eating out, in, and about.

First the restaurants. Two noodle bars, Miso and Wagamama, both have communal seating. Delicious, comforting, warm bowls of broth and noodles, perfect for weary travelers. Tuesday was Indian lunch at Chowki and it was amazing. Palak paneer, dahl, naan, raita, samosa, chicken tikka, and rice--little tastes of a lot as part of the prix fixe lunch special. Orlando had some very tasty lamb sheesh kababs, but those were mostly enjoyed by the grown-ups since he was more interested in rice, naan, and raita. Pizza Express didn't disappoint. They had a great kids menu that even included a "bambinoccino" at the end. So cute. Our last meal out was forgettable pub food, though I did like the peas, the gravy, and the Marcle Hill cider.

At home it's been a lot of cereal, toast, tea, ham sandwiches, pasta, salad, boring whatevs. But we've had a couple great meals at home constructed from Borough Market booty. IMG_1964


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