Thursday, January 14, 2010


Day 10 and it's the first time I have exercised. Ugh. In my defense it has been snowy, wet, and gross outside. The in-building gym we were counting on, while still in existence, is off-limits because "the equipment has not been properly maintained and is not fit for human use." And, our boxes sent from home only just arrived and in them were my beloved collection of fitness dvd's. So, today it was a little Turbo Jam (T3 for those of you who are into TJ, too). Feels good to move and sweat.

I started the day on a positive note, too, with a little yoga in the kitchen while I was waiting for the kettle to boil. Multi-tasking! And before we started homeschooling I got dressed in my exercise clothes (down to shoes, FlyLady) so I would have a constant reminder that I should exercise today.

The papers and mags are full of New Year's resolution inspired articles on diets and exercise plans which have been encouraging to a degree. But where do I buy kettlebells? The tool essential to what Look Magazine reports are integral to the "15-Min Workout That Transformed Her Body!" Her being Jennifer Anniston, who as far as I am concerned had a a pretty enviable figure to begin with. Then there are the detox centers featured in the February's UK InStyle magazine in places like Spain, Morocco and South Africa. Probably not jetting off to any of those retreats any time soon. But still, the whole NEW YEAR, NEW YOU thing is exciting and appealing and I am determined to keep up the healthy life-style I finally recaptured this past Autumn. Feels like a million years since my gym bunny days, but it's amazing how, now that I've crossed that psychological line that kept me from getting it done, I feel like I never gave it up. It was such a big part of me, I guess it didn't really go anywhere, just went into hibernation.

And this kettlebell thing is not so much an example of an obstacle to fitness, but of the adjustment to living an urban life again. I mean, in South Bend I would just cruise the town in my giant car hopping from Target to Meijer to Dick's to wherever until I found them. Or I'd order online. But I have a real mental block getting used to public transportation again. Additionally, I am now a one handed shopper, the other clutching the hand of my fearless son. And can I order on the internet? Of course I can. But I have irrational hesitation over international shipping, matching shipping and billing addresses, confidence that I actually know my post code--all these things are so easily overcome but they are HUGE in my mind right now.

The next psychological hurdle? Hitting the pavement and becoming a runner again. Have 25 minutes? Pop out for a little noodle. Happen to wake up early on a gorgeous sunny morning? Sneak out before the rest of the house wakes up and go for a six-mile run. (But it's so nice out! Just 3 more miles!) This is the attitude I want to recapture. Even after the baby arrived I used to make time for a little post-nurse jog before hubby headed to work. Once we moved I just never really kept it up. Didn't like the jog stroller, cold weather, rain, hot weather, creepy dude always on the bench, anything really. I'm hoping that this return to urban life will inspire me to see the sites in my sneaks. I've seen lots of runners out there. I want to be one of them. Now I just have to believe what I tell myself, "I can run. I can run. I can run."

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