Sunday, June 13, 2010

She's Got Jegs, She Knows How to Use Them

If there were one piece of clothing that defined my days in London, it has to be the jegging. A bastard child of jean and legging, it is unholy and unnatural. It is something I would have never bought at home. But they spoke to me. At NEXT, buying some clothes for my kid, they spoke to me. They were a revelation!! The amazing black leather, low heeled, waterproofed boots I purchased a year ago in the Nordstrom sale were a wardrobe staple. Shoving in a bootleg or even a skinny zippered ankle was a chore. I was tired of the same old black tights and leggings. The jeggings opened up a whole new world! They were more pants than tights, with back pockets to prove it, so I could wear them with so many more tops and tunics. And I did! The more I wore them, the more I wanted to! I hated waiting for them to dry on the horrible space-hogging laundry rack. I needed them NOW. Alas, on the flight home, in the ladies room of the Delta Sky Lounge, I found a hole. I binned them yesterday. Farewell, London! Farewell, jeggings! See you both in my dreams.

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