Monday, June 7, 2010

Jiggity Jig

So...home. It's good to be here, but I miss London already. I tore it up, the last week or two. Parties at French Connection, John Lewis, Banana Republic, Harvey Nichols, and TOUS. Out for drinks with the girls at Kettner's and the bar at Mandarin Oriental. Last minute shopping at H&M, Topshop, Harrods, and Harvey Nicks. And still...I didn't feel DONE. I could have taken my kid the the playground at St. James Park every day for the next few months, I could have gone on play dates with our numerous new friends, gone back to the museums, eaten at our fave local Indian, shared another bottle of wine at Brumus with my handsome hubby, fought the lines at Tesco, WHATEVER!!!! I wasn't ready to leave. But, that said, going to mass at our local parish on Sunday was such a treat. Every pew filled with families that we knew, and a priest that knew me by name. I love it. But I still miss London.

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  1. I also love a head full of gorgeous color and an awesome cut for $100. I heart Antonio.