Monday, March 8, 2010

Tote Check

Dude. Been here a little more than two months and have acquired so very, very many totes. Some free, some sort of free (GWP), some purchased in the name of urban-eco-renew-reuse-recycle-ism. In any case, I now find myself in possession of 14 shopping totes that I did not own before I came to London. Oh, man. This is stupid. But at least the free Dorothy Perkins tote that came with this month's Cosmopolitan is on trend with its bow and Breton stripes. And I could argue that it's practical because it seems sort of water proofed (neither claimed nor tested) on the inside. Ugh, even I don't buy it. And, speaking of freebies with the glossies (a glorious UK phenom) I have also snatched up a Neal's Yard facial moisturizer thanks to Marie Claire and a James Brown (hair stylist and bestie of Mossy!!) hair conditioner with Glamour. It seems like there's free stuff everywhere in this city. I mean, I can remember being handed bottles of Vitamin Water, Lemon Coke, and I think some sort of gum outside the Dupont Circle Metro stop every once in a while when we lived in DC, but the free stuff on tap here in London is unbelievable! I mean, if you've got the time and the inclination it's all yours. Cocktails, tastings, lessons, samples. Obviously, I could live without another canvas shopper, but my trip to Italy ends one day after an amazing sounding Elle Magazine sponsored event at Harvey Nichols. Cocktails, canapes, GOODY BAGS!! And I miss it by one day. ONE DAY!! I know, it's for Italy, but I know from past experience that Elle throws a good party (this past LFW and a few events back in DC) and combine that with Harvey Nicks? COME ON! Oh well, I hope there will be more opps to party with Elle before I leave. And, the trip to Italy provides an awesome opportunity to bust out the best tote of all: the Luella Barney that I scored at LFWeekend for a tiny fraction of the original price. It will hold my beauty essentials, a stack of glossies and my Mac, all while being so incredibly fabulous it will be hard to believe I'm sitting in Economy. And maybe I'll stuff in a couple of the canvas numbers into the side pocket so I'm at the ready to stuff them full of cheese, olives, and salumi whist wandering the markets of Tuscany. See? It's all coming together.

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