Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Local Yokel

I have been trying to justify any medium to kinda big fashion purchases by buying only things that do double duty as souvenirs of our stay in London. For example, my lovely Luella tote, my Philip Treacy hat, and my Lulu Guiness earnings. Even Topshop and Boots count. I've slipped a little here and there, like at H & M. But in my defense, we don't have one at home and it hardly counts as big spending.
Anyway, I tried taking this policy with me to Italy. (Just got back Thursday--it was amazing. Actually managed to get my fill of gelato, which I previously considered an impossibility.) We had a day trip planned to the designer outlet mall outside of Florence and I did a great job sticking to my guns by purchasing only from Gucci. (Yes, it is hard when you have such strong convictions about local products--har.) A hand bag, a pair of shoes, and a tie for (undercover label-loving) hubby. I felt very satisfied.
That was until I was dropped off a few days later, by surprise, at the Tods/Hogan and Prada outlets near Macerata. Wow. I actually managed to walk about of both shops empty handed but was haunted by a pale leather braided Tods bracelet that I left there because it was Saturday afternoon and the lines were so long and my kid was going nuts. I'm still thinking about it really, imagining how nice it would look on my tan wrist...sigh.
So, I really only have myself to blame for breaking my locastore vows. If I had bought that bracelet I would not have been lured into the brand spankin' new Marc by Marc Jacobs shop (AND CAFE!!) in the hip Brera neighborhood of Milan. Wow. Really wow. And have you heard about all the really awesome, fun, and cheap accessories they sell in the Marc by Marc Jacobs boutiques?? Well, it's TRUE! I got a couple necklaces (one's a monocle. awesome), a ring, a pen that looks like a lipstick, a tote (I KNOW. Shut up.), an umbrella, and some flip slops. All for a song! And, it was at the end of our trip, I was beginning to get that "I haven't bought enough stuff!" feeling, and it really made me feel "done." And, frankly, really pushed the weight limits of the tiny Alitalia plane that brought us back to London.
And now, rain. Good thing I bought that MJ umbrella! And my new Gucci bag is coated canvas so it does alright in this weather, too. Oh! and I am in love with my new pack-a-parka from Topshop! Am trying to stop shopping but with only 8 weeks to go, I feel I will fail. Maybe I can hold out for the rest of the week...wish me luck!

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