Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pri Mark(')s the Spot

How could it have taken me so long to go to Primark? It's crazy good. And the crazy part is mostly because you go crazy because it's so cheap, and you buy a lot of stuff you really, really don't need. Except the shoes! Oh, the shoes. They are over-the-top trendy and so cheap and wonderful. I got a pair of strappy flat gladiator sandals that were black patent and embellished with BOTH zippers and studs. All that, right on your feet. I also got a silver pair of flip flops with some boho braided details, and some black sneakers that are a weird Euro-combo of Chanel-like quilting and Chucks.
Had a minor incident with the washing machine, but all was back in order before we ran out of clean socks. In the last week or so I've sampled some tasty steaks at Garufa Grill, had a great Saturday at Portabello Road, did a brass rubbing of a dragon with my kid at the Brass Rubbing Center at St Martin-in-the-Fields, and took a quick dip into the National Portrait Gallery to get a better look at the Tudors.
With 23 days left in London, I am starting to panic a little. I've got at least one fashion/shopping event lined up, and a really fabulous wine event. I have a list of museums, parks, restaurants, shops, and neighborhoods a mile long to get through before we go! And we're making new friends all the time, and want to see them all again. Wish me luck.

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