Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just Ask

Last night was fun! The Swarovski event was nice. The space was really beautiful. Cool DJ's, champers, make-overs from The Organic Pharmacy. I should have taken a friend with me because everyone was there in little groups and after the daywear presentation from I bought some earrings, collected my booty and headed home. Here are some pics from the event:

I decided to walk back by way of Carnaby Street. Some incredibly styled girls standing outside The Make Up Store caught my eye. There was some sort of event going on inside and I asked if entry was by invitation only. They answered that well, yes, it was, but just, um hold on...and just like that I was in! A wonderful woman, the host of the evening, maybe the manager? I didn't catch her name but she welcomed me, told me about the brand, asked about my blog, and sent me downstairs for some wine and nibbles (some sort of fish roe on crispbread, yummy), and (YEA!) a goody bag. Back upstairs and a really nice make-up artist (again, I don't have the name but she's pretty, blonde, and engaged) helped me pick out a gorgeous highlighter that I am so excited about. And there was a 20% discount! I could have gone crazy in there--they've got skin care, home spa, and so many color choices in their cosmetics! Wow. They have a great loyalty program and lots of in store classes. I will definitely be back and if you haven't checked them out you should (32 Carnaby Street or
Oh! the girl on the right in the snap from the Swarovski! Incredible. She's Anna Kompaniets ( and

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