Thursday, September 6, 2012

Have Baby, Will Travel

And so, I disappeared. Two little yummy nuggets came into my life 18 months ago and I became a mother of 3. Jetsetting came to a screeching halt. My mojo was nowhere to be found. But in came Spring, and a quick trip to Rome with husband and no kids relit the fire. A fabulous days-long birthday extravaganza in DC kept it going. By August I was ready to resume life as I'd come to know it: we took all 3 kids with us to Italy for 11 days. I learned a few things. An "infant in arms" mark on your ticket will keep you from getting upgraded to the front cabin no matter what your status nor how many extra seats there are. However, if you smile a lot and say thank you a lot, you will be rewarded with a sneakily delivered first class amenities kit. There are more nice people who will praise your children than nasty ones who proclaim "NIGHTMARE!!!" at the top of their lungs when they lay eyes upon your adorable moppet. Tonight we're off to Chicago for FNO. Very excited.

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