Friday, January 21, 2011

Lucky Flops

Two months later and I am finally able to admit it: Lucky Shops was a disappointment. It wasn't that big, the brands (Marc by Marc Jacobs for one) that I was looking for weren't there, the celebs were "meh," and my big fancy VIP-worth-over-$500 goodie bag was pretty much shampoo and coupons for local NYC businesses. I understand they're in transition and some BIG changes have happened at the top. I also understand that the new editor has plans to really focus on the online aspect of Lucky and maybe this has affected advertising and maybe that influences who sells at Lucky Shops? Ugh, totally trying to convince myself it was all worth it. Shopping wise, I hit Helen Ficalora, Lee Angel, and Foley and Corrina and was really happy and satisfied with my purchases. All in all, the weekend was super fun. The Royalton Hotel was AWESOME!! Stay there, get pork belly tacos from room service, and then lock yourself in the bathroom with the amazing soaking tub, rainfall shower head, and Korres bath products. Heaven. I took some great walks, saw some old friends, and recharged the mommy battery which was really the whole point.
So, what's new? I have a new job! For nine years I have either been a graduate student or stay-at-home mom and the transition back to career girl is tough, especially because my whole life is covered in snow. I don't get the laundry done, I don't know what to wear, I'm (still, ugh) not working out, and my Christmas tree is still up. So, stay tuned for Reurbanista's fashion, beauty and fitness adventures in the work place! Fingers crossed for some good biz trip action!
OH!! I almost forgot! Some very good news for a lot of Lucky readers! Andrea Linett has a new amazing blog, "I want to be her." If you miss her last page column you'll be so happy to find her on the web. Though I do have a soft spot for the printed page, there is a silver lining: You don't have to wait a whole month for a page of her genius! She posts a couple times a week.

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