Friday, February 12, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

I have been so busy having a nice time that I haven't had a second to document any of it! Sunday lunch with some lovely new friends, a girls night out, a solo spa night at The Sanctuary for some much needed pampering (, date night at The River Cafe (, and more! And at The River Cafe we met fashion designer Paul Smith ( at the bar and he was lovely. In the following days I also met milliner Philip Treacy (, and designer Lulu Guiness ( at her special Pop Up Shop, Kissed by Lulu Guinness. Check out all the pics on her blog and you may see a familiar face or two! And, as the result of the web intro by another friend from a lifetime ago (check her out here at her amazing fashion site, I will be living out my wildest fashion dreams in the following weeks thanks to Pistol Panties (much more to come on this, though check out the brand on the web at fabulous swimwear!) and the lovely Deborah Fleming.

We're feeling at home in our little local church, even though I think ours might be the only child at the 10:30 am mass. We also really loved attending the evening mass at Brompton Oratory, and will have the chance to attend again this weekend with our first batch of visitors from the US. There are also two family masses Sunday mornings, both with a children's liturgy, and we've heard the 11am is the most beautiful in London.

Coming up, there's champagne nail bars, theatre, The Ivy, fashion shows and shopping. There's still laundry and homeschooling (an hour of Italian today, amazing!), budgeting and dishes (waiting for me), missing the dog and seeing so very much of each other in our tiny flat. We love it here, all of it, and I hope, I mean I know,we will go home happy and exhausted.

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