Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home Alone

Well, not totally alone, but without any other grown-ups or awake people around. Hubby is out. A well-deserved outing for drinks with a friend, in between my nights on the town. I've been leaving my boys to fend for themselves so often the last week or two, but this is the final push. As of March 1, Mommy is home to stay.

Last night I went to check out the fashion week events at the Topshop Flagship store in Oxford Circus ( There was an interesting blogging workshop with very friendly and helpful advice on offer. On the way home, I swung by another party at Warehouse. This one was to preview their Utility collection, new for Spring ( It seems like the military trend is everywhere right now, especially in jacket form. Warehouse's take on this trend was sort of MASH by way of Michael Jackson. Sort of like what you would expect Beyonce to be wearing if you were an extra in her music video and she was coming around the corner to kick your ass. Cargo pants, yes, but with a skinny leg. Lots of khaki, gold chains, distressed biz. A DJ, free bubbly (and Vitamin Water!), a goody bag, and the promise of some celebs kept me there, oh, about half an hour. When I overheard one photog listing about six celebs that had yet to arrive and I didn't recognize any of their names (nor did I know that any famous names had arrived already), I knew it was time to go home, eat toast, and go to bed.

Resting up for a marathon weekend. Thursday night will see me at London Fashion Weekend ( This is a shopping weekend, ticketed and open to the public, held after fashion week offering incredible discounts on coveted designer clothes and accessories. There is also a catwalk show and (of course) champagne and goody bags. This is the chance for normal folk like me to pay to pretend we're on the inside, to experience some of the excitement and glamour of London Fashion Week. It's held in the same venue.

I bought tickets to the event before I knew that I would have the opportunity to peak inside London Fashion Week courtesy of Deborah Fleming of Pistol Panties (more on my LFW experience to come). And, Friday-Sunday, I return to London Fashion Weekend to work for the same lovely lady ( Excited to experience both sides of the event, and am so glad I get my mommy's-night-out shopping/viewing/champagning night on the opening night of the event, because people, these women work. They work hard. They told me compared to the Weekend, the Exhibition was slow--and I was exhausted and yawning at 8:30pm that night and had to skip the after-party!

So, sleep, vitamins, yoga and away I go to another adventure! xoxo


  1. Omg, you're even busier than me... enjoy!

  2. Busy bee! Enjoy London Fashion Weekend. We work at ELLE and went last year, you can get some really great finds! Great blog, we'll definitely be back. Come follow us too if you fancy! Have a good weekend, woop! xxx

  3. Thanks, girls! I am now following both blogs, are you signed up to follow mine? Thanks again for the lovely comments!