Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to Cool

Yo. It happened. A few days ago I wore the weirdest outfit ever. And not in the good/edgy way, or even the "joke to myself" way that I do to entertain myself on particularly boring outings. Nope. It was basically just a "I give up and I don't care" kind of outfit. I won't go into it, but even my five-year-old kid paused to give me a once over when I picked him up from camp. It was BAD. And I did SO WELL in London. I looked normal for each and every public outing. I'd even go so far as to say I looked cute on most days. My guess is that the simplicity of my pared down wardrobe helped me to establish a uniform of sorts and dressing cute was easy. I need to get back there. Truth is, the past 2 months have not been my best in terms of fitness and a few things are a little tight. But! This past week I worked out 5 times! Thank goodness. I've been mixing up the dvds with some amazing walk/runs along the river--the weather has been AMAZING. In two weeks we go to Italy for a week. When I get back, I've got big plans. Join the gym where one of very favorite friends goes every morning. Zumba, hot tub, sauna? Awesome. Also I am going to do an adult ballet class. Very excited about that since I saw the Nutcracker last year! Last summer I took a Vinyasa 101 6 week course at Dhanwanteri Yoga here in South Bend. I was checking the course schedule and saw that they're offering a 201 starting in a few weeks! Very excited.
Also coming up? Lucky Shops in NYC. Can't WAIT!
So, the plan. Work out. Dress cute. Don't shop. Edit closet. Continue getting the house back to normal (not relative normal, but normal like I imagine everybody else keeping their houses). I've already made great progress and am thrilled every time I see my new Liberty of London (um, for Target) bedding!! I make my bed every day because it's just so pretty! Oh, speaking of London: Unpack London boxes. They've been trickling in from hubby's office and are full of very many random things I would really rather just not talk about but they're starting to stack up in the foyer and my mom is coming for a visit and I really got to get my act together.
So, long story short, get it together and celebrate success at Lucky Shops. Good plan.

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